Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Chances are we may have answered it below. If not feel free to contact us for more information.
Can I see a menu?
Yes, we are Seaside Seafood - The Carry-Out and provide an array of seafood products all available to go or to be shipped anywhere in the continental United States. You can see our full menu here.
Your phone lines are busy, are you open? Are your phones working?
Yes, we are open and our phones are working beginning at 11am each day. If we are closed you'll receive an automated message over the phone when you call. We receive an extremely high volume of calls trying to order crabs the moment we open at 11am. We do our best to get through all calls as quickly as possible, so keep trying and you'll get through. We have implemented an online ordering system to try and cut down on the volume of calls we receive each day and make it easier for everyone to place orders online - please see next FAQ question for more information.
Can I order online and pick up my crabs the same day?
Yes. We now offer the ability to order your crabs and other products online and pick up in store. Here's how it works:
Every day at approximately 10am (yes an hour before we open!) our current inventory of crabs will be posted online. Orders will be taken on a first come first served basis online until crabs are sold out. If crabs are not sold out online by 11am we will begin taking orders over the phone at 11am in addition to the online orders until we have sold all crabs.
When you place your crab order online you will see available pick up times for your crabs. Please note that crabs should never be ordered online less than 90 minutes in advance as we need time to process your order and steam your crabs before you arrive.
Click HERE to start your online crab order.
Why aren't crabs available for pick up the entire time you are open? I don't see the time I want to pick up crabs as available...
Each day we receive our deliveries of crabs at different times. We select the most appropriate pick up times to make available based on when we anticipate receiving our crabs that day. Also note, we need time to sort the crabs and all crabs are steamed to order.  For example, if we anticipate receiving our shipment of crabs in at 3:30pm, you'll notice there are no available pick up times before 5:30pm so that we can sort the crabs, steam them and have them ready for you at your designated pick up time.
Also, as the day progresses you'll notice pick up times become unavailable if they are within 90 minutes of your order time. Reminder, if you select a pick up time less than 90 minutes after you place your order your crabs may not be ready for you on time.
Can I pay for my order in cash in person when I pick it up?
No. At this time all orders placed online must be paid for through our website in advance.
Can I order my crabs for pick up on a different day?
No. At this time all steamed crab pick up orders must be for pick up the same day. Our crab inventory changes daily so we are not taking advance orders online at this time.
Is there a chance you will get more crabs later in the day even if you are sold out online?
Yes. It is possible we will get additional crabs later in the day that we were not originally expecting. In the middle of the day we are usually not able to update inventory online, it's always best to check our social media pages or call (410-760-5210) later in the day to see if we've received any more crabs to sell.
I never saw any crabs available on your website today - what happened?
Sadly some days we don't receive many crabs or any crabs at all. If we do not have the inventory, there will be no crabs available for sale online.
Can I place an online order to pick up items other than crabs?
Yes. You can order items other than steamed crabs online for pick up the same day. At this time any advance orders for any other products will need to be placed by phone: 410-760-5210.
Where do your crabs come from?
We get our crabs mainly from Maryland and Louisiana. Louisiana crabs come all year 'round which is why we are able to sell steamed crabs all year long.  We sell Maryland crabs when they are in season and when we feel their quality is best - usually May - October.
Is there a difference in Maryland and Louisiana Blue Crabs?
Other than an accent, nope!  Okay, sorry that was a crab joke. The Maryland and Louisiana Blue Crabs are the same, but because of warmer weather Louisiana Blue Crabs are around all year long while Maryland Crabs are only available in season.
Do you ship steamed crabs?
Yes. We do ship our steamed crabs anywhere in the continental United States. We do not take advance orders to ship steamed crabs. All crab orders placed online will be shipped out by the following business day. Our crabs are steamed fresh, then cooled until they can be packed to be shipped. We only ship crabs via FedEx 2-day or FedEx Overnight to ensure our crabs are still fresh when they get to you.
If I order my crabs in the morning why would they be shipped out the next day?
The inventory available to order online is what we have coming to us that day. It's entirely possible that you order a dozen crabs online at 10am but we will not have them in-house until 4pm that day. This is why it is possible that you could order crabs in the morning and they may not be shipped out until the following morning.
What are your policies to ship steamed crabs?
- We ship our steamed crabs anywhere in the continental United States.
- We do not ship crabs internationally.
- We do not take advance orders to ship steamed crabs. All crab orders placed online will be shipped out by the following business day.
- We only ship crabs via FedEx 2-day or FedEx Overnight to ensure our crabs are still fresh when they get to you.
- We only ship crabs Monday - Saturday. Crabs are not shipped on Sundays.
- FedEx does not count Sunday as a "day" in overnight or 2day shipping. Please see our crab shipping cheat sheet for a breakdown of when to order your crabs and what shipping method to select to receive your crabs on the day you'd like to receive them.
- We do not ship to PO Boxes
Why am I given limited choices to ship crabs?
We only ship crabs via FedEx 2-day or FedEx Overnight to ensure our crabs are still fresh when they get to you. Options like FedEx Ground will not be available if you are shipping crabs as they take much longer for delivery and your crabs may no longer be fresh upon arrival.
Do you sell products other than crabs?
Yes! We sell lots of other seafood and crab products. See our menu for more. We occasionally may sell other products like crawfish, but since it's not a product we carry regularly you can call (410-760-5210) or message us on Facebook to check for availability.
Do you deliver?
No. We do not deliver at this time. We do not currently partner with any third party delivery services (like Grubhub, Door Dash, UberEats etc) as our steamed crab availability changes daily and these services do not update product availability by the day.
Do you sell live crabs?
Yes. We sell live crabs but we do not ship live crabs. Live crab orders must be placed over the phone: 410-760-5210.
Should I bring anything with me to pick up my crabs?
You may be asked to provide ID or the credit card you used to to check out for security verification purposes. 
Do you accept EBT cards?
No. We no longer accept EBT cards at Seaside Seafood - The Carry-Out.
What if I am not satisfied with my crabs?
      We grade every crab by hand and take pride in providing a quality product.  We also remove light crabs when we sort and sell them at a discount.  However, it is possible that a crab that feels heavy live may steam up light.  If you have an issue with light crabs or other concerns, please contact us immediately.  Our policy is to not issue a refund for crabs unless they are returned - no exceptions.