Crab Shipping Chart

Not sure when to order your crabs or which shipping method you should select?

We ship crabs Monday - Saturday. All crabs ordered on one day are shipped out the next available FedEx pick up day. FedEx does not pick up on Sundays and does not include it as a "day" when determining overnight and 2-day shipping.  Crabs can only be shipped via overnight or 2-day shipping to ensure quality.

Use this handy cheat sheet. Select which day you'd like your crabs to be delivered, see what day(s) you should order and which shipping methods get your crabs to you on your preferred delivery date.

Day Crabs are Ordered Day Crabs are Shipped Shipping Method Selected Day Crabs are Delivered
Monday Tuesday Overnight Wednesday
Monday Tuesday 2-Day Thursday
Tuesday Wednesday Overnight Thursday
Tuesday Wednesday 2-Day Friday
Wednesday Thursday Overnight Friday
Wednesday Thursday 2-Day Saturday
Thursday Friday Overnight Saturday
Thursday Friday 2-Day Monday
Friday Saturday Overnight Monday
Friday Saturday 2-Day Tuesday
Saturday Monday Overnight Tuesday
Saturday Monday 2-Day Wednesday
Sunday Monday Overnight Tuesday
Sunday Monday 2-Day Wednesday

For more details visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.